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The perfect pair of curtains for less... but how?

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

You'd like stylish curtains with your favourite heading that fit your windows beautifully. You've seen a fabric you love but it's £70 a metre and pushes your budget too far. Perhaps you're lucky enough to find something ready-made that just about fits with your vision. But what if you can’t find something within budget and don’t want to settle?

Well, a client of mine had a great idea. She found some ready-made curtains from Argos at a bargain price. They were in a fabric she loved, but they were full length, unlined and came with a pencil pleat heading. She was after shorter, lined curtains with eyelets and so approached me to see what was possible.

The answer was - her perfect handmade curtains for less! We were able to keep the ombré look, despite shortening the length, by chopping off a piece of the top and bottom. Adding a brushed lining gave them a warmth and higher quality feel.

Fabric is generally the greater part of the cost of a pair of curtains. So this is a brilliant way to cut costs but still get high quality bespoke handmade curtains for your home. We think you'll agree.. they look gorgeous!

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